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A Brief Journey Through Allstate Benefits Claims

When someone is dealing with a life-changing diagnosis, a serious injury or the loss of a loved one, the last thing they need is a long and complicated claim experience with an insurance company. With this in mind, Allstate Benefits has developed a fast, intuitive process that guides customers through their claim as quickly as possible so they can focus on more important priorities.

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Rachel Khalili, Vice President of Claims, takes this process very seriously. "Every claim is a unique story about someone's life circumstances," she says. "Customers are coming to us at their most difficult time, and they are relying on us to deliver on a promise. Our processes are focused on efficiency and compassion to deliver on that promise for every customer, every time."

In addition to being built around the customer, our claim process is reliably consistent across all products. This includes Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Disability Insurance, Cancer Insurance and Life Insurance. It also includes wellness rider claims that provide cash benefits when a customer undergoes a preventive exam, screening test or immunization.

We make it easy to file a claim and receive a cash benefit fast. How easy is it? Here is a brief journey through our claim process.

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Submit your claim.

Customers can submit claims in a variety of convenient methods for them. Options include mail, fax or online via MyBenefits, our secure customer portal and app.

MyBenefits gives customers the freedom to see policy information and manage claims from anywhere at any time. Customers love the ease and convenience of MyBenefits, which allows them to complete and submit claim forms, sign the forms virtually, and upload scans or photos of supporting documents.* We take all the guesswork out of the process by letting customers know exactly which documents are accepted.

When it comes to life insurance, the claim journey is also developed with beneficiaries in mind—those who have been designated to receive benefits upon a customer's passing. In the event of a policyholder's death, a benefit claim may be initiated simply by calling our dedicated Customer Care Center. Claim forms may also be mailed or faxed.

Receive confirmation and track progress online.

Once a claim is received, confirmation is immediately sent to the customer via email. For life insurance claims, confirmation is emailed to the customer's beneficiary.

Throughout the claim process, email notifications are sent when the claim enters a new phase. This way, customers can rest easy knowing that their claim is in progress and not lost somewhere in a stack of paperwork.

Provide additional information—if needed.

While most claims proceed with no further requests for information, we occasionally need additional data or documents to proceed. In such instances, customers are notified right away via email. They can easily submit the requested information on MyBenefits, or via mail or fax.

The claim is processed and benefits are paid.

Within just a handful of days after we receive claim information, customers can expect their claim to be processed and cash benefits to be delivered via direct deposit or a mailed check. We make it fast, easy and free to set up direct deposit, which helps customers receive their funds even faster.

At Allstate Benefits, preparing for the unexpected is at the core of what we do. And when the unexpected happens, we are here to help customers with an easy and efficient claim process. As Rachel says, "Our mission is to take care of each customer as quickly, accurately and compassionately as possible."

Click here to learn more about our claim process and how MyBenefits makes it fast and easy for customers to get their cash benefits.

You may also click here to talk to a sales representative and learn all the ways we are working to deliver on the Good Hands® promise.

*Supporting documents may include a medical bill, diagnostic test results, hospital discharge summary, or other relevant documentation resulting from the illness, injury or loss.

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