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3 Ways to Protect Employees Against Cyberthreats

The shift to hybrid work has made it more difficult for individuals and businesses to be fully protected against cyberthreats. However, there are ways you can help bolster the safety of your employees and your business to better protect against possible cyberattacks and other online threats.

Get Serious About Passwords

A study found that 66% of passwords are duplicated across multiple online accounts, and 36% of people keep track of passwords by writing them down.1 To counter this, employers may consider helping their employees to better manage passwords. Here are a couple ways:

  1. Password manager – digital program that safely encrypts and stores usernames, passwords and other credentials. Even when using a password manager, employees should try to use complex, unique passwords and avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.
  2. Two-factor authentication – process that requires a password and additional verification method to access certain accounts. Using an encrypted application like Google Authenticator to generate two-step verification codes can help to provide an extra layer of security.
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Introduce Cybersecurity Training

Protecting your company from cyberattacks is not only the responsibility of IT, but of every employee. By implementing annual or bi-annual cybersecurity training (whether in person or virtual), you can help employees learn ways to stay aware of threats. They will also better understand their role in protecting the company.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S. Department of Commerce) offers Employee Awareness Training resources for individuals and businesses. Click here to learn more.

Offer Identity Theft Protection to Employees

By implementing identity theft protection into your benefits package, you are empowering employees to take control of their online security. You are also helping to protect the company from cyberthreats that come by way of employees' online activities.

Allstate Identity Protection is a leader in the industry, offering a full line of products with features like:

  • Advanced financial protection – credit and financial transaction monitoring, stolen wallet assistance and more
  • Comprehensive identity protection – dark web monitoring, email and web login scanning, breach notifications and more
  • Remediation and reimbursement – 24/7 support, identity health status emails, expense reimbursement and more
  • Desktop and mobile device protection – antivirus protection, ransomware coverage, VPN, safe browsing and phishing protection and more (available with Allstate Identity Protection Pro+ Cyber plan only)

Also, the Allstate Digital Footprint℠ is a first-of-its-kind privacy management tool. Users can see a list of online accounts, learn if they have been affected by a data breach, and submit unsubscribe/delete data requests, all from one place.

Learn more about Allstate Identity Protection here and speak to an agent about enhancing your employee benefits package by adding identity theft protection.

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