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Delivering on the Good Hands

Why choose Allstate Benefits?

Recruit, reward and retain top talent with supplemental benefits and group health coverage from Allstate Benefits.

Attract and retain employees

Research shows that generous employee benefits are a great way to attract and retain employees. At the same time, experience tells us that employee benefits are one of the biggest expenses on your balance sheet.

What sets us apart

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Service focus
Unequalled commitment to excellence in service

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Personal attention
We work closely with all new customers and provide dedicated onboarding, implementation and enrollment support

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Premium administration
Our online billing systems gives employers instant access to range of information and services

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Good Hands® promise
Only Allstate can deliver on the Good Hands® promise – every time

Choosing Allstate Benefits

Allstate Benefits products give your employees the protection they want while keeping your bottom line in mind. Our supplemental offerings are employee-paid – but with the advantage of great group rates and convenient payroll deduction. And our Group Health Self-Funded Program helps you establish, administer and maintain self-funded medical benefits for your employees.

Plus, we make it easy to offer your employees these great benefits, with first-rate customer service and seamless onboarding and integration.

We work with businesses of every size, from three employees in one location to tens of thousands spread around the globe. From our Small Market Solutions portfolio for businesses with under 250 employees, to our National Accounts team that serves some of the largest retailers in the country, the Allstate Benefits team works with you to deliver a great experience for you and your employees.

We are Allstate Benefits

From innovative group health coverage to our industry-leading portfolio of group supplemental insurance products, we have the experience, knowledge and service you need, and a name you know and trust.

Learn more about us

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Allstate Benefits Logo.

you're in good hands

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