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Submitting a claim with Allstate Benefits is fast and easy.

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File claims on MyBenefits

With MyBenefits, our 24/7 automated customer service portal, you can complete the process in minutes. And if you sign up for direct deposit, your benefit could be in your bank account in days!

Access MyBenefits How to File a Claim How MyBenefits Works

Start a Claim

Start A Claim
Filing a claim online is easy using My Benefits. Simply answer questions to provide your claim details. To begin, you will need your policy number and payment information for how you will receive your benefits.

Uploading Documents

Uploading Documents
After providing your claim details, securely upload your supporting documentation, which may include diagnosis and treatments. PDFs, TIFF, and JPEG formats are accepted.

Submitting a Claim

Submitting a Claim
Once your form and supporting documentation are complete, you may submit your claim for review.

Claims Review

Claims Review
Review times may vary depending on the complexity of your claim. To expedite the review process, be sure to provide all the required documentation. We will notify you if additional information is needed.


Your claim is important to us, especially in your time of need. We make it easy for you to check on the status of your claim online anytime at MyBenefits.

We provide Claims Checklists to help you file a claim.

You can file online at any time at MyBenefits

Or print and file your claim using our Resources Page

You can also access all the functionality of MyBenefits on the go through our mobile app (Apple/Android). Learn more in this video.

Generally, all claims will be submitted to your health plan by your health care provider. It is rare that you would have to submit a claim. However, you can track where your claims are in the review and payment process or check the status of your deductible or out-of-pocket expenses by logging into your member portal.

Allied Benefit System

  • Track your claim status
  • View coverage and benefit information
  • Print your ID card
  • Look up providers in your network
  • View deductible and out-of-pocket status
  • Update your email address

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Meritain Health

  • Track your claim status
  • View coverage and benefit information
  • Look up providers in your network
  • Order ID cards
  • Look up prescription and over-the-counter drug information
  • Check the cost of procedures you're considering and more

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