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Frequently asked questions for employees

If you've got a question, we hope you'll find the answer here. If you need more help, feel free to contact us.

Who is eligible for coverage?

In most cases, you can cover your spouse or domestic partner and your dependent children up until their 26th birthday. Sometimes, your employer may offer coverage for employees only. Check your employer's benefits information for details.

How soon does the coverage become effective after I enroll?

In most cases, the coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month in which your payroll deducted premium payments begin. The effective date is also listed on your coverage certificate.

How are benefits paid?

We pay benefits directly to you unless you ask us to send it to your medical provider. You can sign up to have your benefit deposited directly into your bank account, or we will mail you a check.

If I leave my employer for another job or retirement, can I keep the coverage?

In most cases, yes. This is called portability. Most Allstate Benefits products are portable, meaning you can continue to pay the same premium amount directly from your personal bank account once payroll deductions end. To take advantage of this option, we need to receive your first direct-pay premium payment within 30 days of your last day with your employer.

How do I submit claims?

You or any covered family member can submit claims any time after your coverage becomes effective. You can submit claims quickly and easily through our 24/7 customer service portal MyBenefits. MyBenefits even allows you to upload files to support your claim; just take a picture with your phone! If you prefer, you can also print and mail a claim form.

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