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Enrollment Solutions from Allstate Benefits

A portfolio of enrollment solutions for group supplemental products with the flexibility to meet every employer's needs.

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The Power of Choice

At Allstate Benefits, we're committed to providing the right products, the right technology and the right services. We also know there is no one 'right' fit for every client. That's why we developed Allstate Benefits Choice Connections®, a portfolio of enrollment solutions with the flexibility to meet every employer's needs.

About Choice Connections

Based on their size and existing technology, employers can select the Allstate Benefits Choice Connections channel that's the best fit for them. Whatever the choice, our dedicated team of integration specialists ensures a smooth end-to-end enrollment process.

  • EnrollMyWay® provides a simple enrollment-only platform that can support both Allstate Benefits and Core products. Best for small to mid-size employers.
  • BenSel® delivers robust benefits administration functionality for mid-size employers including integration with many HR/payroll systems.
  • Choice Partners® leverages our deep relationships with the most widely used benefits management solutions in the industry. Employers of any size can choose to engage one of our Choice Partners® and enjoy best-in-class functionality.
  • ChoiceEnroll® offers seamless integration for larger employers with existing benefits management systems relationships outside our Choice Partners® network.
  • AB Enroll® offers a high-touch addition to your enrollment strategy, with on-site and call center enrollments for core and supplemental benefits.

We are Allstate Benefits

From innovative group health coverage to our industry-leading portfolio of group supplemental insurance products, we have the experience, knowledge and service you need, and a name you know and trust.

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