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Disability Insurance from Allstate Benefits

When a sickness or injury gets in the way of work, Disability Insurance from Allstate Benefits can help.

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About Disability Insurance

Disability Income Insurance provides a monthly cash benefit when a covered person cannot work due to sickness or injury. This coverage can help give financial peace of mind by providing a safety net if paychecks are temporarily reduced or eliminated due to sickness or injury.

How Disability Insurance Works

Employees choose a maximum monthly benefit amount that meets their needs. Then, if they are faced with a period of sickness or off-the-job injury and cannot work, they'll receive cash benefits to spend as they see fit. Benefits are paid for total disability, partial disability, concurrent disability and recurrent disability – and there is no elimination period or waiting period for a second instance of a previously covered disability. Employer-chosen riders may offer additional benefits for family medical leave, doula services, on-the-job accident disability and more.

Features and benefits
  • Employees choose the monthly maximum benefit that meets their needs.
  • Benefits begin the first day after the elimination/waiting period.
  • Premiums are affordable and conveniently payroll deducted.

Meet Brian

Man exercising.

Brian is a hard worker and is very active outside of his workplace. He considers himself healthy and is still relatively young. Brian is injured while replacing shingles on his roof. He's unable to work and is scheduled for surgery to repair a herniated disk. With four weeks of recovery, Brian will miss several paychecks. He files a claim through his Allstate Benefits Disability Income Insurance and receives monthly benefits until he can return to work. Now, Brian doesn't have to worry about having the money for his medical deductible and daily living expenses.

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