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Critical Illness Insurance from Allstate Benefits

A critical illness diagnosis can impact all aspects of life – including finances.

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About Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance from Allstate Benefits can help protect the budget so everyone can focus on recovery.

Core health insurance doesn't always cover all the costs associated with a critical illness diagnosis and treatment. And it certainly doesn't help pay personal expenses that may accrue during recovery. Critical Illness Insurance can help, by paying cash benefits for a covered diagnosis in addition to any other insurance already in place. And, the cash benefits can be used for anything from hospital bills to groceries – there are no restrictions. Plus, through our relationship with the American Cancer Society, we offer resources and support to our insureds who have been diagnosed with cancer.

How Critical Illness Insurance Works

Critical Illness Insurance provides benefits when a covered person is diagnosed with an eligible condition like heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, end stage renal failure or coronary artery bypass surgery. People with this coverage submit claims after diagnosis and/or treatment, and benefits are paid for approved diagnoses and procedures based on a pre-determined schedule of benefits. Employers may choose to add certain cancer diagnoses and other medical conditions to their employees' coverage. Benefits are paid whether further medical treatment is received or not.

Features and benefits

  • Configurable plan designs
  • Annual Wellness Benefit available
  • Coverage available for spouse and children
  • Benefits are paid directly to the covered person without spending restrictions
  • Coverage can be continued as long as premiums are paid to Allstate Benefits
  • Specialized resources and support for our insureds diagnosed with cancer and Parkinson's disease

Allstate Benefits and the American Cancer Society

America Cancer Society logo.

Allstate Benefits is a proud partner of the American Cancer Society, providing vital resources and support for cancer patients and caregivers through our dedicated Cancer Helpline. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center serves as the frontline for individuals seeking answers about their diagnosis, connecting to patient programs, and accessing guidance and support. To learn more about how you or your loved ones can benefit from this invaluable service, visit our Partners page today.

In addition to receiving cash benefits to help cover some of the costs associated with diagnosis and treatment, customers who are newly diagnosed with cancer critical illness also receive a personal letter of support from our company president and a copy of "Chicken Soup for the Soul®: The Cancer Book" by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and David Tabatsky.

Meet John

Man cooking.

John wakes up in the hospital and doesn't remember how he got there. His doctor tells him he had a heart attack. John spends three days in the hospital.

The total cost for John's treatment comes to $26,000. With his deductible and coinsurance, John's out-of-pocket expense is $8,675. He files a claim through his Critical Illness Insurance from Allstate Benefits and receives a benefit payment of $15,0001. That payment covers his out-of-pocket costs and leaves him $6,325 to spend however he wishes.

Disclaimers and notes

1This is an example of the total benefits that might be paid. The benefits shown are for coverage that includes $15,000 basic benefit amount under policy GVCIP2 for most states. The benefits may vary by state and the example shown may vary from the coverage individual employers may offer. Individual experiences may also vary.

The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.

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