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What Does It Cost?

Small Business Health Plan Costs

For many small businesses, Allstate Benefits can help you put in place an affordable self-funded group health plan.

Average group health insurance cost

Small business owner for years, or new to the highs and lows of running your own company, you'll no doubt have crossed several administrative bridges – and cleared more than a few hurdles. But one challenge you may not yet have encountered is working out the cost of health insurance for small businesses.

The bad news? With so many varying factors, there's no easy way to identify the average group health insurance cost (even the cost for smaller businesses can vary significantly). The good news? Allstate Benefits an help your small business provide affordable group health coverage for its people through our Self-Funded Program.

Health Coverage Small Business Costs

A common misconception is that the cost of health coverage for small business employees will work out prohibitively expensive – particularly if you employ only a few people. The reality is that businesses as small as 2 employees in most states may qualify for affordable self-funded group health plans. So don't imagine you need 10 or 20 employees before you can talk to us.

We will work to help you find you a cost-effective, self-funded group health benefits plan that fits your needs.

A real alternative to health insurance

The Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Program for group health benefits is an alternative to traditional health insurance coverage. It provides the same quality of coverage, but often at a lower cost. And because it's self-funded, you could enjoy a refund in any plan year when claims are lower than expected.

The costs associated with the program are comprised of three parts:

  • Plan Administration - To handle the day-to-day functions of the program
  • Stop-loss insurance - To protect you against higher-than-expected claims
  • Claims - To pay for claims incurred during the coverage period

Knowing exactly where your money is going gives you transparency to how your health plan is working for you and your employees. It also lets you know if you are on track to receive a refund in years when claims are lower than expected.

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