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Benefits of Group Health

Group Health Employee Benefits for Small Business

What's a major factor in attracting and retaining talent to your small business?1 It'll come as no surprise to learn it's not so much the free juice station, arcade classics in the break-out room or casual Fridays. It's how you take care of your people – which includes the employee health benefits you offer. A recent survey from America's Health Insurance Plans found that 56% of adults in the U.S. with employer-sponsored health benefits said their health coverage was a key factor in deciding to stay in their current job. In that same survey, 46% said health insurance played a significant role in their decision to take their current job1. So ask yourself this: Is your small business doing enough when it comes to health insurance?

Employee Health Benefits for Small Businesses

You know your people are your company's greatest assets. To attract more talent (and retain what you already have), you need to think carefully about your whole employee offering – about how you'll show your small business has a big heart. Having the right kind of employee health insurance management program in place signals clearly to candidates, as well as to those already working with you, that you take your people's wellbeing seriously.

Health coverage for employees of a small business has many direct and indirect benefits. As a business owner, you can realize lower costs (your employees can contribute to the program as well). Employee medical expenses can also be reduced thanks to the way self-funded group health benefits programs are structured with varying cost containment and claims reimbursement options that best suit your needs – a win-win for you and your people.

Having a robust employee health insurance management program can also help improve team productivity. Ensuring your people's health needs are taken care of can help by making it less likely that they'll need time away for health reasons which keeps productivity higher and benefits you as a small business owner. Seen that way, employee health benefits for a small business makes sound financial sense.

Employee Health Options for Your Small Business

The Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Program for group health benefits offers you a range of options including your choice of network or claims reimbursement, plan designs, deductibles and coinsurance, and even the potential for a refund in plan years when claims are low. We take you through these in detail – highlighting the key components of our self-funded program.

Start exploring Allstate Benefits' range of plan designs, and benefits options right now. It's fast and free to get a no-obligation quote for your small business' health coverage needs.

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