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"Good Life Anthem" :60

This new commercial highlights the good that exists in people's everyday lives and to encourage them not to let their fears and uncertainties prevent them from doing the things they love with the ones they love most. People live for good. And so do we. Good Hands for the Good Life.

Watch Good Life Anthem :60

  • Mayhem "Bungee" :30

    The latest commercial from Allstate's "Mayhem" campaign features him as a "cheap bungee cord" that has been entrusted to hold 800 pounds of tailgating gear onto the back of a pick-up truck. The ad reminds viewers to talk to an Allstate agent to be better protected from Mayhem.

    Watch Mayhem Bungee :30

  • Mayhem "Grill" :30

    This new commercial features Allstate's "Mayhem" character as a "tailgate grill" that someone didn't quite put out before heading to the game. The ad reminds viewers to talk to an Allstate agent to be better protected from Mayhem.

    Watch Mayhem Grill :30

  • "App for That" :30

    This new commercial features a teenager talking with his mother about Allstate's new QuickFoto Claim. It highlights that the only way to make a car insurance claim good is to make it quick. The new QuickFoto Claim is just another way that Allstate is changing car insurance for good.

    Watch App for That (QuickFoto Claim) :30

  • "Check Please" :30

    This "Voice of Allstate" commercial spotlights the Safe Driving Bonus Check® feature of Your Choice Auto®: Only Allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free.

    Watch Check Please :30

  • "Smart Girl" :15

    This "Voice of Allstate" commercial has fun with the campaign's central device, projecting spokesman Dennis Haysbert's signature baritone through a rather unlikely mouth, while calling attention to the Accident Forgiveness® feature of Your Choice Auto®.

    Watch Smart Girl :15

  • "Cleaning Lady" :30

    This commercial from Allstate's "Mayhem" campaign features him as "the world's worst cleaning lady." The ad is a reminder to talk to an Allstate Agent to make sure you have the right home protection: Good Hands. Good Home.

    Watch Cleaning Lady :30

  • "Nightmare" :30

    Allstate Spokesperson, Dennis Haysbert, teams up with Allstate Home Expert, Mike Holmes, to calm the nerves of homeowners by reminding them that they have Allstate Claim RateGuard so their homeowners rates won't go up just because of a claim.

    Watch Nightmare :30
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