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About Allstate

Important Notice For Victims Of Domestic Violence.

Your Rights As A Customer Of The Allstate Insurance Company.

New York Insurance Law §2612 provides important protections for victims of domestic violence. These protections include prohibiting insurers from taking certain actions against individuals based solely on their status as a current or former victim of domestic violence. The law also establishes processes an insurer must follow to protect the confidentiality of a person covered under a policy of insurance when that person properly presents the insurer with a valid order of protection obtained against the policyholder as further explained below.

If a person covered by an insurance policy issued to another person as the policyholder delivers to the insurer a valid order of protection against the policyholder, the insurer is prohibited for the duration of the order from disclosing to the policyholder the address and telephone number of the insured, or of any person or entity providing covered services to the insured. If a child is the covered person under the policy, this right extends to the child's parent or guardian.

If you are an Allstate Insurance Company customer and wish to initiate a request for confidentiality in connection with a valid order of protection, please contact us by phone or send a copy of the valid order of protection to:

Allstate Insurance Company
Attn: Protective Order Processing
P.O. Box 13084
Roanoke, VA 24031

Phone: 1-800-Allstate

Along with your request, you may provide us with an alternative address, telephone number or other method by which to contact you. You may revoke your request at anytime by sending a letter to the address above.

We will implement your request within three (3) business days of our receipt. Once implemented we will not share your name, address, social security number or any other information from which there is a reasonable basis to believe the foregoing could be obtained, to the policyholder or other insured covered under the same policy against whom you have a valid order of protection, without your express consent.

If you wish to initiate a request for confidentiality in connection with a valid order of protection and are not a customer of Allstate Life Insurance Company of NY, please contact us here.

New York State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline

To obtain information on domestic violence resources in your community, call the NYS Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline at:

English: 1-800-942-6906
Spanish: 1-800-942-6908
In NYC: 1-800-621-HOPE (4673) or dial 311
TTY: 1-866-604-5350

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