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    • We help customers realize their hopes and dreams by providing the best products and services to protect them from life's uncertainties and prepare them for the future.
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About Allstate

Allstate Patents

Allstate Insurance Company is a leading provider of insurance services including private passenger auto and homeowners insurance as well as life insurance, voluntary accident and health insurance, traditional and variable life insurance; voluntary accident and health insurance; and fixed annuities including deferred and immediate. Allstate's technology can be found in Allstate's products and services, in certain products and services offered by Allstate's affiliates and in related systems and processes.

Allstate has received patents for many of our innovations. These patents protect Allstate inventions and the extensive resources Allstate devotes to research, development and design. In accordance with 35 USC 287(a), Allstate provides notice that the Allstate products or features and related systems or processes listed below may be protected by the associated patents listed below. The following list of Allstate products, features, systems, processes and patents is not all inclusive. Additional patents or patent applications in the U.S. and elsewhere also may cover these or other Allstate products or features or related systems and processes.

Allstate Home Insurance
Good Hands® Roadside Assistance
8,645,014; 8,805,603; D642,194; D642,589; D645,051; D652,425
Allstate Claim Handling Systems
8,265,963; 8,311,856; 8,364,505; 8,527,305; 8,694,341; 8,725,543; 8,751,270
Your Choice Auto®
7,774,217; 8,046,244; 8,046,246; 8,219,426; 8,219,427
QuickFoto Claim®
8,510,196; 8,712,893
Good Hands® Field Goal Net Program
8,366,570; 8,430,771
Allstate Insurance Quoting Systems
8,065,169; 8,249,968; 8,315,934; 8,571,958; 8,719,135; D587,725; D607,463
Allstate Treasury-Linked Annuity
7,080,032; 7,613,644; 7,624,058; 7,676,414; 8,036,968; 8,209,199; 8,626,628; 8,719,133
Allstate Claim Satisfaction Guarantee®
Allstate Insurance Rating Systems
7,596,542; 7,769,608; 7,769,609; 8,046,245; 8,321,472; 8,612,484
Allstate RightFitSM
Allstate Insurance Application Processing
9,053,591; 9,189,895, 9,196,098
9,053,591; 9,189,895; 9,196,098; 9,269,202

Patent Notices

Allstate Insurance Company is licensed under the following, and related Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing, L.P. United States Patents: 5,128,984; 5,561,707; 5,684,863; 5,815,551; 5,828,734; 5,917,893; 5,898,762; 5,974,120; and others.

Allstate Insurance Company's domain and any sub-domains thereof are licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,124,088 and 7,877,269.

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