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Going above & beyond the call of duty

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Allstate® Military Support

Serving Those Who Serve.

Active military and veterans sacrifice so much for this country. That's why we constantly strive to better serve the brave men and women of the armed forces. From hiring practices to community involvement, military initiatives have been a priority since Allstate was founded by a veteran in 1931.

Hiring Veterans And Their Spouses.

Commitment. Teamwork. Leadership. Many of the qualities that make for a good serviceperson can also make for a great Allstate agent or employee. Whether it's through our involvement in the Veteran Jobs Mission Coalition or helping vets become agency staff, we help military service members join our forces.

And once they become Allstate employees, we make sure they get what they need to be successful. The Allstate Veteran Engagement Team & Supporters (AVETS) employee resource group brings together the military and their advocates to share thoughts, experiences and ideas in a safe, collaborative environment.

Learn more about the Veteran Jobs Mission Coalition.

Helping Veterans Start Their Own Businesses.

Working With Veterans In The Community.

Allstate is proud to support the American Corporate Partners Mentoring Program that helps connect post-9/11 veterans with corporate professionals. The yearlong, personalized mentorship helps veterans meet their career goals by focusing on long-term planning, work-life balance and more.

Our agents and employees join volunteering groups that dedicate themselves to causes such as cleaning up veteran homeless shelters and sending care packages to those serving overseas.

We also support businesses run and owned by veterans by partnering with them as our vendors. In fact, last year Allstate worked with over 500 veteran-owned businesses and spent over $50 million with them.

Allstate supports over 500 vendors owned by vets.

522 Veteran-Owned

Allstate spent over $50 million with vendors owned by vets.

$58.4M Total Spend

Building On Our Legacy.

The military is built into our foundation—Allstate was founded by a general in 1931. And we still have former military leaders at the top levels of management in the company. Our veteran leaders will continue to guide and shape our company for years to come.

Allstate was founded by General Wood, a veteran.
John O'Donnell, a veteran, is an Allstate senior vice president.

General Robert E. Wood

Before founding Allstate, General Wood developed his leadership skills in the 42nd Rainbow Division during World War I. Whether it was in the armed forces or on the forefront of the auto insurance industry, his mission in life was always to help protect others.

John O'Donnell

After leading teams of Marines as a captain, John O'Donnell now leads teams as President of the Western Territory for the Allstate Brand Distribution division. He also volunteers as AVETS' executive sponsor, advocating for veterans both within and outside of Allstate.

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