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A Better Way to Prepare and Protect America from Catastrophes

Planning for Catastrophes Is Positive Thinking
Not Doing So Is a Disaster

The hurricane season begins each year in June. While we can't prevent hurricanes from forming, we can take steps to better prepare and protect consumers, communities and our country from the ravages of catastrophes.  That is why Allstate is working with to raise awareness, educate the public and policymakers and offering a comprehensive, integrated solution that will address this significant challenge.

Consider These Facts:

  • Many climate experts predict that hurricanes in the U.S. will grow more frequent and severe in the years ahead, with the potential to devastate coastal areas from Texas to the Northeast. 
  • In addition, earthquakes pose an enormous and growing threat. In the United States about 5,000 quakes can be felt each year. Since 1900, earthquakes have occurred in 39 states and caused damage in all 50, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

The potential for widespread losses due to mega catastrophes is made worse by the combination of more people living in harm’s way and the rising value of homes in disaster-prone areas. More than half of Americans now live in coastal counties, an increase of 33 million people since 1980; one-third of Americans live in areas exposed to major earthquake risk. When you factor in that about half of Americans’ net worth is tied up in their homes, even retirements are at risk.

Fixing the country's catastrophe problem is larger than Allstate and even larger than the insurance industry. That’s why Allstate is supporting a coalition called is working to raise awareness, educate the public and policymakers, and offer solutions that will better prepare and protect America from major catastrophes in a sensible, cost effective fashion. As a key to that effort, the coalition is working to enact federal and state legislation that provides for a comprehensive, integrated solution that includes more protection at a lower cost for consumers through a privately funded, government sponsored nonprofit catastrophe fund.

Allstate is a supporter of  because we believe the current system in America is not adequate to handle the devastating impact of mega catastrophes, particularly in an era of increasing risk.

America deserves to be better protected. That’s Allstate’s Stand.

A Mobilehome Insurance Policy includes flood coverage in the following seven states: Alaska, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas. See your Allstate agent for Mobilehome Policy details and the availability of Federal Flood Insurance coverage in your state.
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