Landlords Insurance Made Simple at Allstate

Allstate covers a range of perils

Allstate® Landlords Package Policy Insurance typically covers
a range of perils. Below are a few of the most common ones.

  • Fire and smoke
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Falling Objects
  • Water damge from
    plumbing, water heater
    or burst pipes (except sump pumps)
  • Burglery*
  • Vandalism*

What if you can't rent your property
because it is too damaged to live in?

If you temporarily cannot continue renting your property due to damage
from a covered loss, you're losing valuable rental income.

  • Fair Rental Income

    can help if your rental property becomes
    uninhabitable because of a covered loss. You'll receive compensation
    for the rental income you would have received. This covers the time
    required to either repair or replace the rental unit-up to a maximum
    of 12 months or the policy limits.

* Your landlords insurance includes limited coverage for damage to your rental property due to vandalism
and burglary. You can purchase additional vandalism and burglary coverage to better protect your rental
property. These coverages will also protect your personal property used in connection with the rental, such
as appliances and other assets.

Questions? Want to make changes to your coverage? Call your local Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE.

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