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Will my policy pay to replace my belongings?

The value of most of your belongings decreases over time.* With Allstate homeowners insurance,
you‘re able to choose one of the personal property coverages below:

  • Actual Cash Value

    typically means your belongings* are covered for their replacement cost minus
    depreciation. (Depreciation is the decrease in the item‘s value due to its age, condition or other factors.)
  • Reimbursement Provision

    typically means your belongings* are covered for the amount it would
    take to replace them at the time of the claim.
    • First, we pay you for the Actual Cash Value of the item
    • When you replace the item, we issue a separate check for the remaining amount needed to make
      the purchase

Other things to know.

  • To review which type of coverage you have, look at your Allstate Policy Declarations
    under Personal Property
  • Premiums are usually higher for Reimbursement Provision
  • With either type of coverage, a deductible will apply.

* Personal Property is an insurance term that includes most of the contents of your home. Throughout this website, when we refer to belongings or items, we assume it‘s Personal Property that is covered under your policy.

Questions? Want to make changes to your coverage? Call your local Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE.

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