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How long will it take to get my car repaired?
Every claim is unique, and there are a lot of different things that could affect how long it takes to resolve your claim. At Allstate, our claims teams are made up of experienced professionals who will always do their best to get your claim resolved efficiently. You can help by providing Allstate with all the information you can about the incident.
Will my auto insurance policy pay for a rental car until my car is repaired?
If you have Allstate auto insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage, you can select rental reimbursement as a coverage option which reimburses you for a car rental for up to 30 days after a covered claim, up to the dollar amount per day that's shown on your Policy Declarations. Research has shown that the average rental car cost is generally around $30/day in most states and is higher for certain vehicles (e.g., minivan, large SUV, pick-up, etc.). If a rental is needed, the daily cost coupled with the average two-week time that a rental is needed could result in out-of-pocket expenses of $450 or more if your car is in an accident or stolen. (See your policy for a complete description of terms and limitations.)
The accident wasn't my fault. Shouldn't the other driver pay my deductible?
We will work aggressively to attempt to recover money paid on your claim, including your deductible. The recovery process, which is known as subrogation, can typically take several months to complete.
Will my insurance premium increase if I file a claim?
Every policyholder's situation is unique, so depending on your circumstances, your premium may be affected. If you are concerned, don't hesitate to discuss it with your Allstate Agent. You may also want to ask them about Accident Forgiveness, which may help prevent your auto rates from going up just because of an accident, even if it's your fault.
My teen is about to enter the driving world. Is there something I can do to prepare?
Talk with them. To help you do this, Allstate offers a range of tools including an interactive Parent-Teen Driving Contract, information about Graduated Driver Licensing Laws for your state and tips for how to help teens keep safe on the road.
I'm thinking of buying a motorcycle. Can I just add it to my auto policy?
Having the right motorcycle coverage is very important and also very different from your car insurance, so you will need a separate policy. The good news is you could qualify for a multiple-policy discount. Call your Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE for a quote.
My windshield was damaged by a falling rock. Is that covered?
In most cases, this type of damage is covered under your Comprehensive Coverage. For extra fast service, contact our Glass Claim Express® at 1-800-626-4527.

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