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Understanding Life Insurance

Learn some helpful information about life insurance here.

Person wondering what to buy term or life insurance.

Life insurance policies typically fall into two categories: term insurance or permanent insurance. Which type of life insurance policy is right for you?

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Two men and a boy enjoying life.

Life insurance can be an important asset to have, no matter where you are in life.

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A couple reviewing life insurance policy.

Let us help you banish 9 myths about life insurance and give you facts that may change your perspective.

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A father sitting with his son in a tree.

You can take your policy a step further by adding supplemental benefits using amendments known as riders.

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A person using a calculator.

Your expected return is based on the policy amount, and your life insurance company's investment performance, policy premiums and tax rates.

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Identity Restoration Coverage

Visit the new Identity Restoration Coverage section.

How identity restoration coverage can protect you.

Purchasing identity restoration coverage can help you proactively protect yourself and your family.

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My identity was Stolen. Now What?

What steps can you take from the moment you find out you're a victim — and what can you do to help prevent it from happening in the first place?.

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A fishing hook holding a paper with username and password.

Phishing is a constantly evolving form of Internet fraud. Learn more here.

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Identity restoration coverage: proteting your identity when traveling.

Whether you're traveling for leisure or business, it's important to be aware that threats to your identity are all around.

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Restoring your identity after a home break-in.

Along with your valuable possessions, thieves can steal your identity right out from under you by taking your personal documents and more.

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So, What Exactly Is Life Insurance?

Mother walking with child along the shoreline.

Find Out What It Really Covers

We'll break down term and permanent life insurance
so you understand what you really need.

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Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance? It's important to understand the basics. The Tools & Resources section provides information about the various types of auto insurance coverage you can choose from, and much more!

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Home Insurance

No matter what kind of home you live in, it's important to protect what matters most to you. The Tools & Resources section is full of information that you can use to help you as you choose the right homeowners insurance policy for your needs.

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