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If You Need To Store Your Bike

Excerpt: Allstate Rider News

Every year about this time, riders start thinking about stowing their bikes for the winter - whether it's because there's a foot of snow on the ground or because of holiday commitments. And every spring, the phones at motorcycle dealers ring off the wall with customers who did not store their bikes properly and wonder why they won't run.

Some preparation now will ensure that you are out riding in the spring instead of waiting in the dealer's lineup. And a key question is where you will store your bike.

One solution may be to ask your dealer if he offers a storage program. This is ideal because he will often prep, store and have the bike ready to ride when you are ready again.

However, if you prefer to store it yourself, you will need to find a place that is dry and out of harm's way. Choose a location away from windows. The ultraviolet light can fade your bike's paint and plastic parts. Direct sunlight can raise the ambient temperature of the storage area, which will promote condensation when the sun goes down, so cover plain glass with some sort of opaque material.

Also, cover your bike with a specially designed bike cover-not a sheet or a tarp. Why? Because a sheet absorbs moisture and holds it against metal surfaces and then rust forms. Also, damp fabric will breed mildew and this may attack the seat material. A tarp prevents moisture from getting in but it also prevents it from getting out. Trapped moisture will condense on the bike and then the rust monster is back.

Instead, choose a specially designed motorcycle cover made of a mildew resistant material. The material is slightly porous, so it can breathe. The right storage location will help ensure your bike is good to go in the spring, but it's also important to check all your fluids and protect the bike's body from the harmful effects of disuse and storage.

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