Identity Restoration Coverage

Defend Yourself with Identity Restoration Coverage

This very second, identity thieves are working hard to find their next victim. Don't let it be you. Add Allstate Identity Restoration Coverage to help protect yourself and your family.

Allstate's Identity Restoration Coverage provides high-quality fraud assistance, handling everything from proactive fraud alerts to inquiries from creditors. The moment you contact us, a personal fraud specialist will help lock down your personal info and help repair any damage to your identity.

Protection So It Doesn't Happen. Unlimited Help When It Does.

If you become the victim of full-blown identity theft, a fraud specialist handles the hard work for you. For about $40 a year*, Allstate offers unlimited access to fraud specialists from Identity Theft 911®, the nation's leader in identity management and fraud education. These highly trained and certified fraud specialists will provide you with identity restoration services to help avoid identity theft — or resolve any fraud that has already happened. A fraud specialist moves quickly to safeguard your identity and lock out thieves when a possible compromise occurs.

Allstate's extensive Identity Restoration Coverage helps safeguard every area of your life, including:

Children: Safeguard Your Child's Identity

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist helps restore your child's identity and protect against any additional risk of fraud

Marriage Status Change: Say I Do To Identity Protection

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist will provide name change assistance and creditor notifications for engaged couples and newlyweds, as well as help with any divorce-related fraud issues

Taxes: Prevent Tax-Related Fraud

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist helps you avoid tax-related fraud issues and provides assistance when dealing with the IRS

Military Services: Defend Yourself While You Defend Your Country

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist provides your spouse or authorized family member the resources they need to safeguard your identity

Medical: Keep Your Record Straight

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist helps you fight erroneous insurance claims and correct errors in your medical records

Travel: At Home or Abroad

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist helps quickly recover lost identification and credit cards, so you can go back to enjoying your trip

Relocaton: Protect Yourself in Your New Place

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist ensures your sensitive information moves safely with you

Break-in: Prevent ID Robbery

  • Fact:
    If your home, car, or boat is robbed, a fraud specialist will place a fraud alert to help keep your personal info from being stolen, too

Disaster: Protect Your Identity After A Catastrophe

  • Fact:
    After a natural disaster, a fraud specialist assists with the recovery of any lost, stolen, or destroyed information

Estate: Defend the Deceased's Identity

  • Fact:
    A fraud specialist helps protect the deceased's personal and financial information by systematically notifying credit issuers, and helping secure death certificates

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