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Do you know how much your belongings are worth? The figure is often much more than our customers initially think. Taking the time to assess what you own, and to understand how your coverage works, can help you make sure everything you value is adequately covered. Contact a local Allstate agent to learn more.


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Insuring Your Home's Structure
Learn about setting the right deductible and getting coverage should you need to pay for rebuilding your home. The price you paid for your home is probably not the amount you will choose to insure it.

Insuring Your Personal Property
You've made a significant investment in your possessions, and they need to be protected. Read about category limits and per item limits that could affect the amount you generally are paid for covered lost or damaged personal items.

Liability Insurance
If someone accuses you of causing harm, it helps to have support in defending yourself. Discover how liability insurance can help protect your savings in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a covered loss.

Guest Medical Insurance
Find out how your insurance can help pay for medical costs (up to policy limits) when someone is injured in a covered loss at your home.

Flood Insurance
Knowing the difference between protection from a flood and a covered water loss is essential. Get the facts about the Federal Government's National Flood Insurance Program and insurance options for other water damage.
You can get a rough "ballpark" homeowners insurance quote from many companies online, but talking with an agent allows you to ask questions and get a quote for coverage that matters most to you. An agent can prepare a quote that details the coverage, deductibles (your portion of a loss) and cost (premium) of your homeowners insurance policy. If you like to be prepared, read Preparing to Talk with an Allstate Agent.

When you have quotes from different companies, make sure to compare the level of protection you are getting. Some typically comparable things are:

Structure Limits and Deductibles
Personal Property Limits and Deductibles
Liability Coverage Limits
Guest Medical Coverage Limits 

Online quotes often default many of the criteria used in a full quote to the best values. Adjust different options and immediately see the potential effect on a policy's annual cost with our Premium GaugeSM 

Explore the factors that help you determine the kind of homeowners protection you should have at Your Situation.

Learn about the various homeowners insurance products we offer at How Allstate Helps Protect You.

Your Agent has questions — be ready with the answers by reviewing Preparing to Talk with an Allstate Agent.

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An Allstate agent can help you determine which discounts you may qualify for, and what level of coverage is right for you.

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Excess Flood Insurance coverage may currently be available but only in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington. In order to qualify for an Excess Flood Insurance Policy, you first need to purchase a National Flood Insurance Policy through Allstate. Excess Flood Insurance is provided by one or more insurance carriers not owned by or affiliated with Allstate Insurance Company. Excess Flood Insurance is subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. Contact your local Allstate agent to find out whether Flood Insurance coverages are available in your area.

The availability, qualifications and amounts of these discounts may vary from state to state. In addition, terms, conditions and exclusions not described above may apply, and total savings may vary depending on the coverages purchased. In some states, we may offer discounts that are not listed here. For more information regarding your eligibility for these savings opportunities, please contact your Allstate agent.

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