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Liability Insurance helps protect you against the financial uncertainty arising from injury (or property damage) that you or your family may cause to other people. It typically even covers injuries whether they happen on or away from your property.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

In the event that you or anyone in your household is accused of accidentally causing injury or damage to property, your insurance coverage can help by providing for legal defense fees and, in the event of a settlement or judgment, can pay damages (up to your policy limit).

Imagine if you didn't have liability insurance. Any of your following assets could be at stake:

  • Retirement accounts (IRA, 401(k), pension plans)
  • Non-retirement investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
  • Liquid assets (checking, savings, CDs, money market accounts)
  • Personal property (actual value of all your possessions if you sold them: cars, boats, jewelry, furniture, etc.)
  • Home and other real estate equity

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Talk with an agent about limits for this coverage, as coverage is dependent on your particular policy limit.

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