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Preparing to Talk with An Agent

Where Do You Start?

An Allstate agent is more than happy to speak with you about your unique insurance needs. It's best to be prepared for the conversation, so we've compiled some frequently asked insurance questions that might help you.

What Type of Residence Do You Live In?

Home, Condominium, Townhome, Rental or Manufactured Home. The differences between these types of residences are considerable. Each has its own policy type, requirements and more.

When Was Your Home Built?

Typically, a home is less expensive to insure when it is newer. As a home ages, the insurance rates increase. A brand new home is usually the least expensive to insure. However, no matter how old your home is, you can generally get an additional discount for buying a home that is "new to you," which will phase out over 5 years. Ask if that is available in your area.

What is Your Home Made Of?

It's the "Three Little Pigs" principle - and why they ended up in the brick house. The wolf wasn't able to blow the brick house down. In addition, wood is an easier target for fire. Not that we all should live in brick homes, but this tale helps illustrate why what your property is made of matters.

Where is Your Home Located?

Your location (from your residence to your community) carries a history of events that may have caused home and property losses in the past. These statistics help insurance carriers usually determine premiums appropriate to the area's risk.

Does Your Home Have an "Historic" Designation?

If your home is listed on the National Registry of Historic Homes, The National Register of Historic Places or any other locally designated Historical Society, a landmark status may be a factor in how your home should be insured. This is certainly important information to share with your agent.

How Far are You From Fire Protection?

The closer the better. Take a drive to the nearest fire station, or map it using Google Maps or MapQuest. Note the mileage. Count your steps to the nearest fire hydrant and multiply by three to roughly estimate the distance in feet.

Have You Had Any Recent Losses or Claims?

Be prepared to talk about the number and nature of losses you may have experienced in the last five years.

Open or download to your computer Allstate's Free Home Inventory Software. We also offer an iPhone application version.

Knowing the value of your possessions can help you make sure you'll have a better understanding of the Personal Property coverage you may need. This handy tool also can help you be better prepared when meeting with your agent, and may help speed up a claim if you ever suffer a loss.

The availability, qualifications and amounts of these discounts may vary from state to state. In addition, terms, conditions and exclusions not described above may apply, and total savings may vary depending on the coverages purchased. In some states, we may offer discounts that are not listed here. For more information regarding your eligibility for these savings opportunities, please contact your Allstate agent.

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