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U.S. Census Data shows that our communities are becoming more ethnically and culturally diverse. At Allstate, we believe diversity is critical to meeting the needs of the diverse customers that we serve.

In fact, inclusive diversity is one of our core values.

We define inclusive diversity as the collective mixture of all of our differences in our workforce, marketplace and community.

It defines who we are and what we believe in, holding each other personally and professionally accountable to welcome all as we strive to win in a diverse, global marketplace.

Allstate has made inclusive diversity a central part of our business strategy. The strategy is set and guided by an Executive Diversity Council and implemented by a Chief Diversity and Organization Effectiveness Officer.

As a result of these efforts, Allstate is bringing diverse perspectives to our workforce, providing new opportunities for small and diverse businesses, and better serving more diverse customers.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity has been recognized by more than 45 media publications and associations that monitor diversity and workplace issues.

Read more about Allstate's commitment to Inclusive Diversity in "Allstate: One company for all."


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