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Early in 2012, a conversation between now general counsel Susie Lees and Allstate Women's "I" Network (AWIN) President Elizabeth Garvey about a Today show story on women's communications styles spawned the "Finding Your Voice" series of workshops at Allstate.

The events helped women improve their confidence when speaking and sharing their opinions. One "Finding Your Voice" talk featured renowned communications expert Helene Lerner. AWIN member Robin Bronstein recalls how Lerner "told a story about a colleague named Suzanne who always had her best interests at heart. She told each of us to find our 'Suzanne.'"

Afterward, Bronstein's former team member, Aruna Siripuram, asked Bronstein to be her "Suzanne."

"There are times in everyone's life where they feel they may not be able to achieve the goals they've set," says Siripuram. "I feel for women especially it can help to talk through the situation with a coach/friend. AWIN creates that environment to find support."

2012 Highlights

  • Partnered with the Allstate Foundation to promote the Purple Purse campaign, raising awareness about domestic violence issues.
  • Hosted a "speed mentoring" event as part of Innovation Unleashed.
  • AWIN members were invited to a women-focused session of Energy for Life.

This ERG story appeared in the 2012 ERG Annual Report.


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