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When Felicia Green entered the African American Working Network's mentoring program, her goal was simply to be promoted. Her mentor helped her recognize her job is a career. "She helped me see the big picture—how my work helps achieve our goals, and ultimately, serve customers."

In 2012, the program served 27 pairs, including Green and her mentor. The individuals on both sides of the relationship represent diverse ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, and many are in field offices across the country. Mentors are senior managers and above who want to help others grow professionally.

After mentees identify their strengths and opportunity areas, mentors help them tailor their goals, better articulate their contributions, or fine-tune soft skills, such as taking ownership or presenting a more polished image.

"The whole purpose is to make sure mentees have the skills and opportunity to bring their best selves to work, and help Allstate gain a competitive advantage," said Shawn Winters, who leads the program.

2012 Highlights

  • Held five sessions for members, designed to improve their understanding of Allstate's Organizational Success Factors.
  • Volunteered 60 hours with the Teen Living Programs and also provided $2,200 in donations and 1,300 clothing items.

This ERG story appeared in the 2012 ERG Annual Report.


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