The good work we do is possible only with the support and active engagement of our stakeholders. Understanding and responding to the expectations of employees, agency owners, investors, customers, policymakers and opinion leaders is essential to our success.

Allstate agency owners go above and beyond for
customers in times of crises

We are committed to hosting regular stakeholder panels to review Allstate's current and future strategic plans, including our sustainability strategy.

20,835 Employees and agency owners participated in our workplace giving campaign in 2012
$4.3million Amount raised during 2012 workplace giving campaign

The importance of listening

Our business helps people protect what they have and prepare for the future. Listening to our customers enables us to help them manage the risks they face. It also helps us deliver innovative products and services in the best possible way by giving us a better understanding of their needs and how they may be changing.

  • Listening to employees enables us to tap into their unique talents and help them achieve their career goals. Understanding and proactively addressing both their needs and their skills helps improve Allstate’s overall performance and enables us to meet our customers’ evolving needs.
  • Listening to exclusive agency owners helps us to better enable their success as small-business owners and best serve our customers. Because Allstate agency owners work in our communities every day, they also help us better understand where our social investments can have the greatest impact.
  • Listening to investors, consumers, policymakers and opinion leaders helps broaden our perspective, sharpen our skills, and innovate in every phase of our operations.

How we interact with stakeholders

We interact with our stakeholders in both formal and informal ways, including forums, one-on-one meetings, phone calls and email. We also have several specific programs that engage various stakeholder groups:

Stakeholder Engagement Panel

In 2012, we built on efforts that began in 2011 with the nonprofit organization Ceres to develop a stakeholder panel comprising NGO representatives, investors, opinion leaders, and top-level Allstate employees and agency owners. The group meets at least once each year to guide our sustainability strategy and evaluate progress with Allstate’s leadership team.

Reputation Scorecard

For the third year in a row, we used the Allstate Reputation Scorecard to measure overall reputation across all stakeholder groups to determine key drivers of reputation within each group, and to identify the key expectations of our stakeholders. Our combined reputation score among all stakeholders increased by one point in 2012, from 68 to 69. This score is considered “high average”; a score of 70 or above is considered “good.”

The Reputation Scorecard measures stakeholder expectations and Allstate’s performance against 32 key attributes across seven broad dimensions of reputation: Products and Services, Innovation, Governance, Workplace, Citizenship, Leadership and Financial Performance. The survey uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to determine what is most important to specific stakeholder audiences, as well as key expectations across all stakeholders.

The initial Reputation Scorecard helped us determine that, collectively, our stakeholder groups expect Allstate to:

  • Act ethically, fairly and responsibly
  • Provide customers with a dependable, trouble-free relationship
  • Provide clear and credible leadership and ensure financial stability
  • Provide value at a competitive price
  • Use its influence and local presence to support important causes

There is accountability at the highest levels of the company for meeting our stakeholders’ expectations. The insights gained from the Reputation Scorecard are also shared across the enterprise to better inform our business strategy, day-to-day decision-making and communications.

National and Regional Advisory Boards and the Agency Executive Council

We formed our National Advisory Board in 2003 to bring together Allstate’s senior leadership and a cross-section of exclusive agency owners and exclusive financial specialists from around the country. The National Advisory Board and the Agency Executive Council provide a forum for dialogue among company leadership, agency owners and financial specialists to address national business issues and work together to develop solutions that strengthen the agency-company relationship.

The National Advisory Board and the Agency Executive Council provide valuable perspective and help develop actionable solutions for company and agency success by:

  • Voicing key issues from agency owners across the country
  • Suggesting and exploring ideas and providing the agency owner point of view on the company’s strategic direction
  • Influencing the way Allstate’s business decisions impact agencies and customers
  • Supporting an environment of mutual trust and respect between company leadership and agency owners

We use a similar structure to support agency owner engagement within each of Allstate’s 13 regional offices and Allstate New Jersey in the U.S., and Allstate Canada. These Regional Advisory Boards typically include agency owners from the National Advisory Board, as well as others who can speak to the interests and concerns of fellow agency owners and financial specialists in their regions. The boards communicate directly with Allstate’s field senior vice presidents and their leadership teams to provide regular feedback, raise issues and collaborate on key initiatives.

Next steps

We will continue to look to our stakeholders for important insights into a wide range of issues and topics. In particular, we are committed to hosting regular stakeholder panels to review Allstate’s current and future strategic plans, including our sustainability strategy. Members of the panel will be selected on the basis of the value of their engagement and will be reevaluated before and after each meeting.

We will also continue to explore new ways to incorporate results from our Reputation Scorecard into strategy development, communications, and the creation of innovative products and services. Giving stakeholders greater input strengthens our relationships, builds our reputation and creates new business opportunities.

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