Domestic Violence

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Violence against women and girls is a global human rights issue, impacting one out of every three women and devastating families and communities. In the U.S., every hour, nearly 145 women are assaulted by a partner, and each day an average of three women die as a result. In addition, in the U.S.:

  • Two million injuries are caused each year as a result of domestic violence.
  • All cultural, religious, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds are affected by domestic violence.
  • More than $5.8 billion each year is spent on the health-related costs of domestic violence.
  • Nearly 8 million days of paid work each year are lost as a result of domestic violence—the equivalent of more than 32,000 full-time jobs.
  • 96 percent of domestic violence victims who are employed experience problems at work due to abuse.
  • 33 percent of all police time is spent responding to domestic disturbance calls.
  • 57 percent of the nation’s cities cite domestic violence against women and children as the top cause of homelessness.

Yet, since it has long been considered a taboo subject, many women suffer in silence. This is where The Allstate Foundation has found its role: inspiring and empowering survivors and delivering hope where there was none to end the cycle of abuse.

Inspired by independent research indicating that access to financial resources is the number one predictor of whether a woman will break free and stay free, The Allstate Foundation has put financial empowerment at the center of its approach. The Foundation has partnered with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), along with other leading national and local programs, to empower women to achieve the financial self-sufficiency they need to get free and stay free from abuse.

Our work has empowered more than 215,000 survivors and their children to live stronger, happier, violence-free lives.

Since 2005, we have led profound social change in the way survivors are served by domestic violence advocates. Our work has empowered more than 215,000 survivors and their children to live stronger, happier, violence-free lives, made possible by training from more than 4,000 advocates in 1,500 local programs in nearly every state in the country. And we continue to expand this reach.

Among our many accomplishments in 2012, we are most
proud of:

  • Providing more than $1 million in critically needed funding to state domestic violence coalitions through our Moving Ahead Financial Empowerment Grant Program, in partnership with NNEDV.
  • Raising more than $250,000 in funding for YWCAs through our award-winning Purple Purse awareness program.
  • Training more than 110 counselors to provide innovative financial education services to survivors through our eighth annual Financial Empowerment Symposium.
  • Serving as lead sponsor of the second annual World Conference of Women’s Shelters attended by more than 1,400 advocates from nearly 100 nations.
  • Helping launch NO MORE, the first overarching campaign supported by every major domestic violence organization in the nation, to use a common symbol to increase awareness of the issue and provide resources for domestic violence services.

Because of growing interest in our efforts, we have ambitiously revised our goal and are now working to financially empower 500,000 survivors by 2015—a tenfold increase over our original goal. From financial literacy to job training to asset-building projects, Foundation-funded programs are helping survivors build stable, more secure lives. 

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