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Tom Wilson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Allstate's responsibility to improve local communities is central to our purpose to protect people from life’s uncertainties and prepare them for the future. It is fully integrated into our daily business activities and supported by more than $29 million in donations to important causes and by thousands of volunteers. We do this because it is who we are, what we believe and what we expect from each other.

Our corporate responsibility successes in 2012 build on more than 80 years of leadership in giving back to communities where we live and work.  We tackle difficult issues, ranging from the 4,000 teens who die needlessly in motor vehicle crashes each year to helping victims of domestic violence escape abuse. We value a diverse workplace that leverages differences to strengthen innovation and creativity. We take great pride in mitigating our impact on the environment by reducing our energy, water, waste and paper use. It is these actions, and many more, that demonstrate our desire to bring out the good in people’s lives, across the country and across the globe.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility not only reflects the respect we have for our customers, it also energizes our employees and local Allstate agency owners. Community service opportunities reward our people with personal growth and the chance to lead by example. Allstate agency owners support and volunteer with thousands of nonprofits in virtually every local community. Allstate employees build houses, serve food, educate, and console people in need. Every day, Allstaters are making decisions, taking action and leading in ways that enable us to be a team of heroes to our customers and in our communities.

This year's report has many inspiring stories of Allstaters applying their knowledge, expertise and personal passion to make a difference. I am particularly proud of the involvement and sacrifices made by employees and agency owners and their staffs in times of crisis. For example, after the East Coast was hit by Superstorm Sandy, thousands of our employees and agency owners worked around the clock in difficult conditions to help customers find places to live and clothes to wear, connect with loved ones, and assess their damage.

To help accelerate recovery efforts, Allstate and The Allstate Foundation also created a $1 million fund to support local nonprofits in areas affected by Sandy. Disasters, however, don’t always happen in bulk. Allstate is there for individual disasters as well — home fires, car accidents and life’s other unexpected challenges. Quite simply, Allstate is a company full of heroes!

I am filled with pride by what we accomplish with talented people and the resources of a large and successful company. Please take the time to visit this interactive website filled with stories that demonstrate how Allstate lives into its promise to society. As one of America's largest Main Street institutions, we are grateful for the trust placed in Allstate by those we serve. Together with our agency owners, employees and community partners across the country, Allstate will continue to build a better future.

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Tom Wilson
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

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