While Allstate’s operations have a much lower impact on the environment than an industrial or manufacturing company, we are very conscious of our footprint and continually strive to decrease it. At the same time, we look for ways to apply our knowledge to help our customers and communities prepare for more frequent natural disasters caused by a changing climate.

As a company in the business of managing risk, we are keenly aware of the role we play in addressing climate change.

21.8% Total greenhouse gas emissions reduction since 2007
12.1% In 2012, employee paper use was reduced by 12.08% compared to 2011

Good for the earth, good for business

We believe a comprehensive sustainability strategy is a vital part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen. It also makes good business sense: reducing our energy, water, waste and paper use directly lowers our operating costs.

As a company in the business of managing risk, we are keenly aware of the role we play in addressing climate change. This includes mitigation efforts in our own operations, and working to influence customer behavior. It also includes applying our knowledge to help our customers prepare for more severe and unpredictable weather patterns.

Our focus on sustainable operations not only helps reduce our impact, but it has the added benefit of helping us prepare for future climate change by increasing employees’ awareness and encouraging the development of new products and services, such as our new Homeowners Policy Green Improvement Reimbursement Endorsement.

Running a lean and high-performing company means looking for efficiency in all of our operations. So we continuously strive to improve our performance, consistent with our core beliefs and sustainability efforts. That includes:

  • Making our facilities and fleet more energy-efficient
  • Reducing our paper use and helping our customers do the same
  • Finding new ways to recycle, reuse and conserve
  • Working with our suppliers and business partners to minimize Allstate’s overall environmental impact

We set ambitious goals and closely monitor progress, and we work with leaders and the public to address issues related to climate change and disaster-preparedness.

In 2012, Allstate completed a significant real estate consolidation that reduced our overall office-space footprint by 4.4 percent. We also upgraded our corporate headquarters and achieved LEED certification in additional facilities and our data center. All of these efforts are getting us closer to our long-term goal of reducing energy consumption in Allstate-owned facilities by 20 percent by 2020. We also continued to make progress on our paper-reduction efforts, both internally and with our customers.

Over the next few years, we plan to make further investments in energy-efficient renovations to continue our progress toward meeting our energy- and emissions-reduction goals. In 2012, we expanded our energy-demand response program recently implemented in our Home Office, to our second-largest location in Irving, Texas. We continue to explore opportunities to expand this program to additional locations and to further our efforts related to water, waste and paper reduction.

Our Environmental Policy

We’re guided by a comprehensive policy that applies to our entire value chain, from suppliers to customers, employees, agency owners, business partners, investors and the public. In support of that policy, we:

  • Seek to reduce energy use and limit greenhouse gas emissions
  • Focus on conserving water to help preserve an increasingly scarce resource
  • Use resources responsibly, from purchase and use through recycling and, as a last resort, disposal
  • Minimize the consumption of fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions, airborne pollutants, traffic and parking lot congestion

Sustainability Leadership Team

Our efforts are overseen by a Sustainability Leadership Team that comprises officers and senior staff from all areas of the company. The team focuses on environmental efforts from an enterprise-wide perspective—launching, leading and integrating sustainability efforts throughout core functions of the business.

Environmental Groups

Allstate is actively engaged with a variety of environmental and corporate social responsibility organizations and groups, including:

  • Business Civic Leadership Center
  • Business for Social Responsibility
  • Business Roundtable Climate RESOLVE initiative
  • CDP
  • Catalyst
  • Ceres
  • Chicago Climate Change Task Force
  • Clean Air Counts
  • Corporate Responsibility Group of Chicago
  • The Green Grid

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