Ethics and Integrity

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In My Good Hands: The Allstate Code of Ethics

Always do the right thing in the right way for the right reason. That philosophy is essential to Allstate’s business and to our reputation. It builds trust and strengthens relationships within the company, and among our customers and other stakeholders. Every day, we put our values into action through our behaviors, decisions and interactions.

To support this effort, Allstate has developed a comprehensive Code of Ethics that applies to all employees and to our Board of Directors. The Code covers a range of topics, including conflicts of interest, workplace safety, harassment and discrimination, protection of data and insider trading. It is available at

Training and communication

Ethical conduct is everyone’s business at Allstate. We continuously evaluate new and better ways to ensure that all employees understand our ethical standards, their roles in upholding those standards and in how they apply to their job responsibilities.

Allstate continuously evaluates new and better ways to ensure that all employees understand our ethical standards.

We updated our Code of Ethics in 2012 to provide greater guidance on company expectations. It discusses Allstate’s purpose and includes photos and images of actual Allstate employees, agents and customers; leadership quotes; and business-based question-and-answer scenarios.

To reinforce these values and principles, Allstate provides online training and ethical leadership workshops. Each year, all employees are required to acknowledge their understanding of and commitment to compliance with our Code of Ethics and company policies


The Allstate Compliance and Ethics (ACE) Award, which is one of only two corporate-wide awards, recognizes employees who are considered role models by demonstrating behaviors and decisions aligned with Allstate’s core values. Recipients of this award are selected semiannually by a panel of judges that includes the chief ethics and compliance officer, a member of the senior leadership team and a past recipient of the award. Award recipients are honored at an annual luncheon. Allstate’s CEO provided the keynote speech for the 2012-2013 event. The ACE Award reaffirms the importance of ethics in our daily business dealings with customers, coworkers and the communities we serve.

Reporting concerns

All employees are encouraged and expected to report misconduct in the workplace. Concerns can be raised through supervisors or local Human Resources consultants. Allstate policy and the Code of Ethics prohibit any form of retaliation for reporting a workplace or ethical concern.

Additionally, employees and non-employees can report violations—even anonymously—by contacting Allstate i-Report, a 24/7 toll-free number, at 800-706-9855. Once a concern is raised, it will be investigated to determine what further actions may be necessary. If required, appropriate actions will be taken.

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