Esurance provides insurance products and services direct to consumers online, and over the phone in 37 U.S. states. Based in San Francisco, the company has more than 2,500 employees in offices around the nation. Esurance empowers consumers to make smart decisions about their insurance with easy-to-use online tools and a mobile app that offers unique features, like repair monitoring and the ability to schedule claims inspections.

Esurance’s 100% hybrid fleet conserves fuel and cuts carbon dioxide emissions in half.

Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Since its inception as a Silicon Valley start-up in 1999, Esurance has pushed the industry forward and made corporate social responsibility a priority. The company offers consumers a near-paperless customer experience, maintains ongoing diversity and inclusion initiatives, and has a newly minted veterans program for associates and their families.

Esurance minimizes paper waste and saves countless trees by making insurance policies and documents available online. The company also has a claims fleet that’s 100 percent hybrid, which reduces driving emissions of smog-forming pollutants by up to 90 percent, conserves fuel and cuts carbon dioxide emissions in half.

Within its own offices, Esurance continues its eco-friendly practices by using biodegradable cutlery in kitchens and motion sensors on lights to cut down on waste and conserve electricity, working to keep its physical footprint as small as possible.

In addition to its environmental commitment, Esurance also fosters mutual respect and inclusion both inside the office and out. The company’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council aims to provide a workplace environment where creativity and innovation are valued and each person is respected, supported and rewarded on the basis of individual achievement and contribution.

As an extension of its diversity and inclusion promise, Esurance developed the Esurance Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (EVETS) in 2012. The program provides support for veterans (and family and friends of veterans) within the company. EVETS also creates career development opportunities for former military personnel, promotes awareness of veteran issues and concerns, and partners with community outreach programs that serve military members and their families.

The company’s stance on diversity and equality is evident outside its offices as well. A longtime supporter of Pride initiatives across the country, Esurance was one of the first car insurance companies to offer the married rate to domestic partners who list on the same policy, even in states that don’t recognize such unions.

Esurance also gives back to communities through numerous grant programs. In 2012, Esurance associates contributed more than $85,000 to charitable organizations, which the company matched dollar-for-dollar through its Matching Gift program. Esurance also awards annual grants to organizations nominated by associates in each of its offices. Last year, the company donated a total of $55,000 to 14 associate-nominated charities.

This spirit of donation extends to the company’s treatment of its totaled vehicles. Since 2008, Esurance has donated 48 totaled vehicles to Recycled Rides, a program that restores vehicles from total-loss accidents and gives them to families and service organizations in need. This alliance not only helps deserving members of the community, but also eliminates the waste that the totaled cars would otherwise create.

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