Allstate Solutions Private Limited

In 2012, Allstate established a new technology company, Allstate Solutions Private Limited (ASPL), located in the high-tech city of Bangalore, India as part of its international ATO strategy.  ASPL, Allstate Northern Ireland and the U.S.-based Strategic Resources Management Team—have a common mission: to deliver exceptional technology services in a cost-competitive manner to Allstate through an engaged workforce dedicated to quality, innovation and inclusion.

ASPL employees in India provide an extended technology infrastructure that supports 24/7 workflow, improved innovation and increased efficiency. ASPL is committed to finding the best international talent to complement our U.S. and Northern Ireland teams, allowing us to bring in-house core IT competencies that are currently managed by offshore suppliers.

Work at the new company, which opened in December 2012, is focused on leading-edge technology initiatives such as enterprise testing and release, mobile, enterprise Java development, .NET development, mainframe development, infrastructure services and other specialized IT services. The company employs more than 200 people and is actively recruiting for open positions.

Giving back with Allstate Good Hands

Right from the start, highly qualified candidates in India were excited to join the Allstate family. Much of their enthusiasm was due to Allstate’s reputation for embracing corporate social responsibility. Allstate’s commitment to community service makes the company a desirable place to work and is attracting top talent.

Projects planned for the coming year include blood donation drives and a campaign to plant fruit trees in a local orphanage. As the ASPL office matures, employees will be encouraged to support important causes to enhance the community.

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