Allstate Canada

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada has provided peace of mind and property and casualty insurance to Canadians since 1953. Allstate Canada’s more than 1,800 employees and agents deliver a full line of auto and home products in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Its net income in 2012 was USD$141 million.

Allstate Canada also has a proud heritage of community involvement. The primary focus for Allstate Canada and the separately funded Allstate Foundation of Canada is contributing to building safe and healthy communities through funding and the volunteer efforts of employees. The Foundation has $7.7 million in capital generating an average return of $250,000 for distribution through grants.

Allstate Canada’s featured partnerships

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada

Allstate Canada has supported the work of MADD Canada for nearly 25 years and is the Title Sponsor of Project Red Ribbon, the National Sponsor of MADD Canada’s School Assembly Program and an Official Sponsor of MADD Canada and Campaign 911. Allstate is also a partner on MADD Canada’s impaired-driving research and liability publications.

Recognizing that Canadian youth are greatly overrepresented in the statistics of deaths and injuries resulting from impaired-driving crashes, MADD Canada developed a highly acclaimed School Assembly Program in 1994.

To launch this program, MADD Canada contacted Allstate Canada about providing funding and support for this unique youth outreach program. Funding contributed by sponsors helps pay for all facets of the program, including script development, casting, film production, exhibition of the film via the School Assembly Tour and development of support materials related to the presentation.

During 2011–2012, MADD Canada’s video campaigns were presented in 1,188 schools, reaching approximately 1 million students.

Allstate All-Canadians

In 2010, Allstate Canada, in partnership with the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), created the Allstate All-Canadians program, a mentorship program designed to guide the next generation of Canada’s hockey youth.

United Way

For more than 50 years, Allstate Canada employees have volunteered their time and donated dollars to help fulfill United Way’s mission to improve lives and build community.

Crime Stoppers

Allstate Canada agencies and staff support local Crime Stoppers’ initiatives across the country to help in the fight against crime.

Junior Achievement

Allstate Canada staff volunteer annually as Junior Achievement mentors to help young Canadians discover leadership, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness skills.

John O'Donnell, President and CEO, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

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