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Sustainability is woven into the fabric of how we operate as a company. Our results show we are on the right trajectory, and we’re building momentum behind initiatives.

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Throughout our business, we seek to deliver results by applying the knowledge we’ve gained through our collective history. We act with integrity to earn—and maintain—the trust of our customers, employees, agency owners, suppliers, investors, policyholders and the general public. We continually work to uphold the reputation we have built for more than 80 years. And we insist on strong ethical practices in the ways we invest and manage our assets, monitor our own risks, and work with our customers, partners and suppliers.

Our focus on responsible business practices strengthens our supply chain while helping us meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers and communities. As Allstate’s business grows, our commitment to transparency will not only help us meet growing expectations, but will also hold us accountable for our actions and performance, improve our decision-making, and strengthen trust with our stakeholders.

6.6% Total spend with businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans and the LGBT community

Our goal is 9% by 2015
37th On Diversity Inc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list for 2012

An Emphasis on Sustainability

We focus on integrating sustainable business practices and standards throughout our entire supply chain. This includes establishing sustainable procurement policies and working with suppliers to implement sound environmental policies. It also means investing in new efforts to increase supplier diversity and helping these suppliers become more competitive.

We work to ensure that our investment decisions are aligned with our company values, and deliver on our commitments to customers and communities. Our growing Social Responsibility Investment (SRI) portfolio continues to support affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization efforts. We also regularly assess potential corporate risks and opportunities, including those related to climate change.

Progress in key areas

In 2012, we spent $304 million with minority and diverse suppliers; 6.6 percent of our total spend with all suppliers. This puts us on target to achieve our supplier diversity goal of spending 9 percent of Allstate’s total procurement with businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans and members of the LGBT community by 2015.

We also remain dedicated to expanding our sustainable supply-chain policies, and focusing on areas that pose potential risks to our consumers or the environment.

In addition, recognizing the importance of sharing our involvement in public policy issues, we publish a detailed report of such actions and policies. Read more in the Corporate Involvement in Public Policy section.

Moving forward

More and more, sustainability is woven into the fabric of how we operate as a company. Our results show we are on the right trajectory, and we’re building momentum behind actions such as strengthening sustainable procurement policies and proactively ensuring that our suppliers are investing in sustainable business practices. We will also continue to build our Diverse Supplier Mentoring Program to help diverse business owners learn and grow, resulting in increased business opportunities.

We remain dedicated to transparency and will continue to report annually on our public policy activities and engagement in external organizations, programs and initiatives.

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