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ALERT: Lottery Scam (Updated January 2010)

A scam has come to our attention that includes a fraudulent letter and check containing the Allstate logo and the Allstate Workplace Division and American Heritage Life Insurance Company names. The letter references "a CONSUMER'S PROMOTIONAL DRAW for American and Canadian consumers of major retailers" and an alleged "prize of $250,000 payable via certified check." The letter is accompanied by a check, which may bear an Allstate logo, for approximately $4,980 to "aid in the payment of taxes."

The check is not legitimate and is not authorized by Allstate. We encourage consumers to report any communications associated with this scam to their local law enforcement. Allstate is looking into the matter further to see if there is anything we can do to help bring this to the attention of the proper authorities.

If you have any questions regarding a mailing bearing the Allstate name, please talk to your agent, call 1-800-Allstate, or contact us.

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