From Yes to Market

Becoming an agency owner typically takes 3 to 9 months. Here are the steps:

Additional Steps for Outside Buyers

Review Program

  • Review the program with an Allstate recruiter or field sales leader
  • Complete the pre-screening evaluation
  • Review the materials on to better familiarize yourself with the agency owner opportunity
  • Complete the Agency Selection Questionnaire online

Begin The Process

  • Meet with a field sales leader for an in-depth discussion of the Allstate agency opportunity
  • Understand your options regarding buying an existing agency or starting from "scratch" (click here for additional steps for outside buyers)
  • Develop site selection options for your agency location and review with the field sales leader
  • If you don't already have your insurance lincenses, begin this process right away so that your appointment with Allstate is not delayed

Complete Requirements

  • Complete a detailed financial review including cash flow and liquid capital requirements
  • Complete your business plan focusing on staffing, marketing and operating your agency
  • Finalize all pertinent documents to ensure approval of your appointment with Allstate
  • Receive final approvals to become an Allstate Exclusive Agent


  • Once licensing is completed and your appointment file is approved, the Education Phase begins
  • During this time, establishing your agency location is underway (finalizing your lease, technology and phone systems, signage, etc.)*
  • Interview and hire Licensed Sales Producers to staff your agency
  • Begin generating sales and marketing leads
  • Hold your agency grand opening!

After meeting our education requirements and completing the steps above,
you can be in business as an Allstate Exclusive Agent. Over time, you may be able to expand your business with multiple locations.

Allstate Exclusive Agents are Independent Contractors, not employees of Allstate. Allstate Exclusive Agencies are not franchises.
* Subject to all terms and conditions as outlined in the Allstate Exclusive Agency Agreement.

  • Your field sales leader will be able to help you identify potential agencies available for sale.
  • Begin negotiations with seller to purchase the economic interest in the agency.
  • Obtain preliminary approval for the buyer and seller to continue with the sale process.
  • Determine if you will need financing for the purchase and begin these arrangements.
  • Finalize the terms of the sale with the selling agent.
  • Advise your field sales leader and complete appropriate documents to obtain final approvals.
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