Allstate Agents go to market prepared. Not only does our education
program provide a comprehensive foundation — it's free both to
agents and their entire staff.

Allstate's 5-8 weeks of education includes products, technology,
and sales techniques courses with professional educators at the regional office
and home office with some courses offered online.

You'll also get on-going consultative support from a Field Sales Leader for
business planning, business results reviews and marketing processes.

Allstate Exclusive Agents are Independent Contractors, not employees of Allstate. Allstate Exclusive Agencies are not franchises.

Explore Available Opportunities on Our Application Site:

  • Feel free to call us at 1-877-711-1015
    to talk one-on-one.

  • If you're ready to explore available opportunities online right now, have your resume ready and follow these simple steps:
  1. Search for your location
  2. Inquire online
  3. Register
  4. Upload your resume and answer basic background questions
  5. Review your information and submit
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