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Allstate Northern Ireland
Work/Life Balance Initiatives

Employer of Choice

Allstate NI's Work Life Balance program has won the company multiple national and local awards. Championed by the senior management team, Allstate NI has promoted a comprehensive and innovative work life balance program since 1999.

Flexible & Condensed Working Hours

The introduction of flexible and condensed working hours appeals to employees as the hours conveniently fit to their lifestyle whether they are single or have family needs to consider. Allstate NI is also planning to introduce home working for eligible employees in the near future.

Subsidized childcare vouchers

Allstate NI in conjunction with Employers for Childcare has introduced a scheme whereby you can sacrifice part of your salary for childcare vouchers. Childcare vouchers are a legitimate method of paying for registered childcare. Vouchers, up to a value of £243 per month (£55 per week), are exempt from Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) and there are therefore potential savings for working parents who use them to pay for registered childcare.

Duvet Days

Employees can have the luxury of 2 days in which they do not have to get advance approval for their leave and can essentially have two sporadic days off.

Sports & Social Committee

The Sports & Social Committee organize events every month including the monthly Beer and Pizza evening which allows employees the opportunity to socialize and meet other people from other areas of the business. The S&S Committee also organize a well attended summer BBQ as well as trips to the cinema, theatre, concerts etc - all at discounted prices.

There are also many sports clubs to get involved with, including:

  • Golf
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Gaelic Football
  • Football
  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Softball
  • Go Club - a strategy board game

Employee Well Being

Annual Health Promotion days - the company invites professional representatives and practitioners on site to give free demonstrations and information. Participants have included - a Kinesiologist, a Reflexologist, the Cancer Foundation, Action Mental Health, Royal Institute for the Blind, Alcohol and Drug Charities and a Chiropractor.

Reflexology and Massage Therapy - Allstate NI pays for the services of a qualified reflexologist and massage therapist to provide 20 minutes to 20 staff each week and has a dedicated treatment room and relaxation bed for the purpose.

Back Clinics - These clinics incorporate an education session on posture and ergonomics.

Smoking Cessation Clinics - are provided in partnership with a local pharmacy. The company subsidizes nicotine patches and facilitates presentations on how to quit.

Chest Heart and Stroke Association visit - lifestyle evaluation for high Blood Pressure and high Cholesterol.

Shower Facilities for Employees - to encourage a wide range of sporting activities during lunch time and cycling to work.

Secure Cycling facilities - Allstate NI has secure cycle facilities in an adjacent car park, even the Managing Director cycles to work occasionally. The company also offers a subsidized bike to work scheme.

Marathon - employees are given a half day of extra leave to participate in the Belfast Marathon.

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