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What we do

Allstate Northern Ireland provides a wealth of career opportunities within a range of diverse business areas listed below, allowing employees to learn new technologies and skills and progress within the company.

The company provides a one stop shop of IT services for their parent company in support of its insurance business, providing great opportunities to expand your career under one roof.

Business Areas at Allstate Northern Ireland:

  • Allstate Financial Technology

  • Product Operations (services to develop and support the insurance product

  • Emerging Business Technology (new business technology)

  • Claims Technology Services (to support the claims process)

  • Operations (operational support services)

  • Infrastructure Services and Innovation (Allstate's network and infrastructure - storage, voice)

  • Information Services Group (technology to support information systems including DBA services)

  • Enterprise Shared Service (supporting and developing enterprise wide technology e.g. Allstate TV, Production Support)

  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience (includes Mobile Apps, Customer Care, Billing Apps)

  • Delivery and Risk Management (Testing, Architecture, Project Management Office, Release Management, Security)

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