Infrastructure Services & Innovation at Allstate Northern Ireland

Enterprise Integration Frameworks—TIBCO Core Services

Main Skills/Technologies
within this Business Area:

  • TIBCO Business Works
  • Java
  • Web Services
  • SQL / Oracle DB
  • Unix
  • JMS
  • SDLC
  • Documentation
  • TIBCO Business Events
  • Mentoring others and Training
TIBCO tools are used to integrate business functions across Allstate and between Allstate and other companies. Business Works is one such tool which among other things, provides integration solutions for areas like data transport, data transformation and routing. The Tibco Core Services team maintains and updates services which are integral to many different areas of the Allstate Business. The main use of the Tibco Business Works (BW) application is to bridge the communication gaps in Allstate and between external parties and Allstate.

The majority of TIBCO BW core services contain monitoring and tracking tools called the process tracking and alerting services. These two services are used to track the processes running in Tibco, to check for and respond to errors and to confirm successful transfers or processes. The Hawk utility service monitors processes and creates alerts based on a set of predefined rules. These alerts are passed on to the relevant bodies

One of the projects we're currently working on is EIP 4.0 Test Harnesses. EIP 4.0 involves moving our infrastructure from Solaris Servers to a new Red Hat Linux implementation. This is an ongoing project which has many stages. Our involvement is to build software to test the performance of both sets of servers and compare them. These tests include testing the performance of our core services.

The team are currently at stage one of harness, stage two will involve enhancements and addition of Adapter and Business Connect tech. The core services role is a very diverse position which allows employees to work with a number of different technologies and business areas. The role is constantly evolving and our skill levels are continuously evolving.

Profile: Shane O'Hanlon, Software Developer

Profile: Shane O’Hanlon, Software Developer "I started working for Allstate in 2007 as an entry level IT graduate. My first role was as a JavaScript developer on the Service Catalog Team. After four years I have moved to the Core Services Team. Further to this, I am part of the Innovation Board, have been involved with marketing and Community and Social Responsibility projects. Outside of work I am studying for a Masters Degree in Computer Science part-time. In work I have completed a vast array of training in a number of different technologies including SQL, ITIL, Security, and Tibco Technologies.

I have found Allstate to be an excellent fit for me. There is a great sense of community here and everyone works well together. The work is challenging and interesting and there is a lot of room for advancement in the company while also increasing your skill set. The flexibility works very well; allowing me to study outside of work. The benefits package is excellent especially the pension scheme which Allstate contributes to."

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