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Predictive Modeling @ Allstate

Quantitative Research & Analytics Interships in Chicago - Summer 2013

Allstate's on a mission to become the most data-driven insurance company in the world, and we invite you to join us on this journey!

As an Allstate Predictive Modeling Intern you'll be tasked with combining your creativity and analytical skills to solve some of the most complex problems in the US insurance market. This role provides a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of modeling techniques and algorithms. You will be empowered with a leading edge environment to create models that enable us to win against the competition.

The work is dynamic and here are a few things which are typical:

  • Hands-on training on building predictive models, both independently and in a dynamic team with 2-3 colleagues.

  • Avail of both classroom & on-the-job training to arm with the knowledge required to be successful.

  • Exposure to business leaders to learn deeply about the unique challenges of the insurance industry.

  • Participate in internship events & competitions.

  • Gather around the whiteboard to learn & debate the latest modeling techniques.

  • Attend modeling talks by experts on emerging techniques.

  • Enjoy regular social activities such as crazy golf, team nights & go-karting.

  • Learn to write code in a number of different languages.

  • Socialize at 1 of over 20 sports & social clubs ranging from photography to soccer.
The goal of the Quantitative Research & Analytics team is to build actionable predictive models to increase customer satisfaction, policy growth and retention, and reduce loss experience and fraud.

Each summer, Allstate offers a limited number of Quantitative Research & Analytics internships where over half of the time is spent in Chicago. These Internships are a great way to gain a head start on your career by having meaningful work, being part of a dynamic team, working in a great environment and making good friends! We wish to extend this excellent opportunity to a number of students in 2013.

Internship details

The internships will be 12 weeks long, beginning in early June. You will spend the first 4-5 weeks in the Belfast office and the remaining time in Chicago.

  • While holidays are not permitted during the 12 week programme, interns may opt to extend their stay in the US at their own expense and subject to US visa requirements and limits.

  • Competitive salary

  • While in Chicago, we offer the following

    • Free accommodation
    • Free flights to and from the US as well as daily transportation to and from the office
    • Exposure to Chicago, a great place to live and work

  • A successful internship often leads to permanent employment offers.

Essential Criteria

  • In 3rd or 4th year of a Degree, Masters or PhD program in a quantitative degree and be on track to obtain at least a 2:1 or equivalent

  • Minimum A in A-level Mathematics

  • Excellent computer skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Must be an EU citizen or possess a UK Tier 1 visa which entitles the holder to take up full time employment in the UK and also eligible to travel to the US

Application process

Download from application form using link below and return by Friday 16 November 2012 to Ashleigh O'Neill at

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Interns Experiences

Rachel (QR&A Intern)
"Obviously the internship in Chicago is a big selling point but the main thing that appealed to me about the role was the type of work that would be involved. While it seems every graduate recruiter is looking for problem solving, I think it can be difficult to find a role that really relies on these skills. Here the work is interesting, challenging and everyday is a learning process. Senior management who lead my department are experts in their fields so there are great opportunities to learn. Even aside from learning directly from experience on day to day work, you are encouraged to attend seminars and lessons, which may for example cover new software or statistical techniques."

Rowen (QR&A Intern)
"Allstate is a great place to work. For a first year graduate out of university I am getting a very competitive salary in comparison to similar roles in Belfast and I feel that the benefits package is second to none. Furthermore, the work environment is great and with the flexi time system in place I am able to achieve a very good work/life balance." Read more...

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