A day in the life of a .Net Developer

Welcome to a Day in the Life of a .Net Developer

Meet Chris

Chris started at Allstate Northern Ireland in 2010 as a non-IT graduate and now works as a .Net Developer and MSBuild Engineer in the Northland office. He works on a suite of applications that provide web access for Allstate customers to check their claims and personal details.

Chris completed a conversion course for non-IT graduates run by Momentum and Invest NI called the Edexcel Level 5 Software Professional course and is working towards his CCNA qualification.

"I used Allstate Northern Ireland as a subject for a university project. I was amazed that a huge company would have a major "cog" for it's wheel in Northern Ireland and I wanted to be part of a large corporation, whilst staying local to where I grew up." - Chris

Although as a .Net Developer Chris is kept busy, he also finds the time to be on the Sports and Social Committee and is the founder of the Digital Media Club in the Northland office. Chris is a keen golfer, cyclist, photographer and has a passion for cooking; this has led Chris to grow a variety of ingredients for use in his culinary delights. He also takes part in a global activity called Geo-Caching - check out his blog below to find out more.....

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