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Main Skills/Technologies
within this Business Area:

  • Business Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • User Experience Architects
  • Data Analysts (SQL SERVER, ORACLE)
  • Quality Control Analysts
  • Performance Testers
  • Developers (JAVA, .NET,
  • Program Manager
  • Project Managers
Allstate Financial offers life insurance and retirement products to customers wishing to save for a comfortable future.

Alliance (Allstate's Property & Casualty sales website) currently has the ability to cross-sell Life insurance products in its New Business flow. This project will extend this capability to Endorsement and Automated Quote flows in order to expand household penetration, increase revenue for agencies and enhance customer retention. The anticipated increase in cross-sell traffic between P&C and Life systems requires the project to also shore up the production environment and move data to a strategic data store.

Profile: Jim McCoy, Business Analyst

Profile: Jim McCoy, Business Analyst "I joined Allstate in 2004 although have worked in IT since 1973(!), initially as an analyst programmer with Rolls-Royce (until 1977) and then as a systems analyst/team leader in Harland and Wolff until 2003. I joined Allstate Financial Technology on the Common Business Services team, developing a web service to allocate unique Life and Annuity policy numbers. The web service received data from an online life application, returned single policy numbers, and worked also as a web UI which received requests and generated bulk policy numbers in bar code format. This project was developed using the Agile methodology and involved three iterations of release, requirements, use cases, on site (US) training and implementation.

In 2006 we merged with another Belfast team supporting AFT's agent driven website. Although this joint team initially developed service change requests, as experience grew, we were gradually given more strategic projects. Over the years I have forged great relationships at Allstate, both locally and in the US."

Profile: Karen Thomas, Consultant Software Developer

Profile: karen Thomas, Consultant Software Developer "I joined the company as a senior software developer with 2 years experience in August 2001. I initially started in the mainframe legacy systems area working in VisualAge. Within a year and a half, I was retrained as a C# developer and moved on to a .Net team, where I have worked ever since. I have had the opportunity to train as an architect on my current Web Development team and travelled to America for 3 weeks of intensive training. This role lasted for about 2 years, during which time I helped to approve designs for new projects and suggest patterns and best practices.

As a Consultant level developer, with 13 years IT experience, I am one of the more senior members of my team and have the responsibility of being Tech Lead on a number of large high profile projects and I have also started to perform the role of Systems Analyst on several projects. I am also an active member of the Design Review Board which reviews and approves designs for all projects going to Production.

I like working for Allstate as I enjoy the opportunity to rotate around different teams, meeting different people. Also, I enjoyed having the opportunity to be able to work as a developer and architect. There is always something new and different."

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