Allstate employee helping customers complete their claims via phone

Claims Technology Services

Main Skills/Technologies
within this Business Area:

claims skills:

  • Cobol
  • Assembler
  • JCL
  • PL/1

Next Gen claims skills:

  • .net (VB)
  • Oracle (PL SQL)
  • AJAX
  • Javascript

Other skills within CTS area:

  • .net (C#)
  • SQL Server (SSIS)
The Claim Technology Services (CTS) delivery organization is responsible for all information systems used throughout the insurance claim handling process at Allstate.

CTS partners with the Claims Business Organization, to transform the processing of claims and help position Allstate for growth for years to come. The Next Generation (Next Gen) claims platform and Run the Business (RTB) projects help the Claims Organization achieve their strategic objectives.

Current projects include:

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