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Allstate Northern Ireland

Launches First Viral Recruitment Advert

Click here to view viral advert on YouTube.

Allstate Northern Ireland has won many awards for its work life balance ethos and it was decided that this was the hook on which we would produce our first viral advert campaign. The advert was produced by our graphic design agency Whitenoise and Paul the main character is an actor. All other contributors to the advert are real life Allstate Northern Ireland employees who take part regularly in the sport or activity portrayed in the advert and, as said at the end of the advert no IT Professionals or animals were hurt in the making of this commercial.

Allstate Northern Ireland has currently over 300 job opportunities to fill for experienced IT professionals, IT graduates and non-IT graduates.

For further information on the jobs available click here.

For further information on our work life balance activities click here.

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